Dear Provider:
Our Member Search Lookup is available through 12/31/2017. Please create an account with Provider Link so you can continue to access member information. Create an account here.

Provider Link allows you to:
- Register and create your own accounts
- Check a member’s eligibility and print transactions
- View and download a primary care physician’s patient list
- Check the status of an authorization processed by SCFHP’s Utilization Management Department
- Check the status of a claim processed by SCFHP’s Claims Department

If you need assistance, please refer to our training document.

Access to Secure Information for Providers

If you are a SCFHP provider, you must login to gain access to secure provider information.

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Note: By accessing the secure information provided through this login, you acknowledge the inherent security and privacy issues of the use of such information and agree to safeguard it.